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Hello thank you for taking a look at my skript, this is a very simple skript that anyone can use on their server. All this skript does is make the players name be in Golden and Bolded when someone is being mentioned on their server. While at the same time pinging the other player with a sound of EXP indicating them that their name has been named in chat. 
- Skript(Lates Version)
- Skellete (Lates Version) this is used for EXP Sound.

At the same time I have made it so that they player will need a permission to be able to use mention someone with the Golden and Bolded color in chat, the permission needed to be able to use this is:


This can be used for donation perks, so it is compliant with Minecraft EULA, and at the sometime players with out the permission "sk.mention" will still be able to say the players name but with out the Golden and Bolded inclusion in the name, and it will not make a sound towards the other player. 

Do you want to change what the color of in game they get mention?  or just want to change the look of it completely, well its very simple to do. All you need do, is on WINDOWS is do Crtl+f and look up:



make sure to keep the %loop-player% so that it will look for the players.

Overal have any question or any suggestions PM me on discord ProfCube#5268.



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